Sunday, August 29, 2010

Atheist Chaplain

Just watched Jonathon Figdor's speech on humanist chaplains and the like. Very interesting, and I recommend watching it.

It seems to me that Figdor's point is complimentary to my post on the military. I do agree with Figdor that we need to fund and administer secular and humanist organizations at Universities, and - looking to the future - in hospitals and at end of life ministries. His point is well taken: No one wants to die alone, and no one wants to be proselytized to on their death beds. I'm not sure that chaplaincies are the best way to go about this, though. Certainly they couldn't hurt, but organizations like the CFI and SSA might be the best choice for the immediate future. They're established groups with some funding, and if they reach out to secular and humanist students, then hopefully those alumni might some day be able to support positions like humanist chaplaincies.

Here's the Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy webpage, for those of you interested in it.

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